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Smartphones and tablets have rapidly become the productivity tool of choice by employees. In fact, nearly 90% of U.S. business travelers have a smartphone today. In this short ebook, learn ways that a mobile strategy can help to make your employees happier and more productive at home and on the road.
It’s no secret that travel and Entertainment (T&E) expense management can be a chore for the weary business traveler – 51% of organizations citied improving the process as a top challenge for 2013. Many achieve desirable results with “end-to-end” visibility into the creation, submission, workflow, approval and reimbursement of T&E expenses. In this developing trend, mobile applications are increasingly leveraged to make expense reporting faster, easier, reduce hassle for traveling employees and increase compliance to corporate policies. Download the analyst insight to find out how to leverage mobile applications to drive the highest possible return on investment for T&E expenditures.
Welcome to the Social Era, where enhancements in technology have transformed business travel from spreadsheets to digital receipts. These changes are important; they impact your travel and expense routine, your policy practices and the dynamics of your office. We’ve asked both Concur and industry experts to explain how the Social Era has permanently changed the way we travel for business, and what it means for your day-to-day dealings.
Mobile technologies are clearing the way for corporations to influence business traveler behaviors even when on the road. Are they taking advantage of them?
The Expense Management for a New Decade research study (February 2011) detailed the fresh approaches, strategies and solutions currently being utilized by companies today to effectively support modern expense management.
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Play in the big leagues, no matter what your business’s size. Read this short guide and learn how cloud technology can help you bridge skill gaps, improve service quality, increase security, and drive cost efficiency.


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Most of us like being in cool places for vacation or business but getting there sucks. Stacks of papers with itineraries and reservations, list of people to see and things to do. And the online solutions aren't much easier because you have to deal with multiple site logins and finding confirmation emails in the inbox of doom. Well, the gang over at Tripit thought that there should be a better way to organize your travel and make life a little bit easier. OK. A lot easier and the only way to really explain it is to show you how it works.


Are you new to Concur's travel and expense mobile app? Watch this video and learn how to get started. First, go to Concur on the web, under the profile drop down menu click on mobile registration and download the travel mobile app.


Mobile App set up and ready to go: book a trip, add a hotel, or reserve a car. The Concur Mobile App is a very flexible tool and there are many ways to do the same thing. Here’s one, tap on travel, let’s look at current trip details, tap on a booked trip and check to see if your flights on time; notice all your reservation numbers are in one place. Want to add to your itinerary? Click trip details, trip list, and then click on the upcoming or current trip.


Travel, a subject so daunting many don’t know where to begin. Will the future bring simplicity to travel, or is it as some say a grand social experiment gone horribly wrong. We took to the streets to ask business travelers where they found the pain points in today's travel. Most people answered: receipts, gate changes, delays and paper itineraries. Here's the good news, Concur and partners have a solution for just about everything! Learn more here


Yapta's CEO James Filsinger explains the importance of technology in the travel industry. Filsinger comments that the Perfect Trip is seamless, painless, relaxing and rewarding. Forest Key, CEO of Buuteeq, a cloud marketing system for hotels, describes how Concur's Perfect Trip Fund is strategically investing in companies like Buuteeq, with the vision that there is a lot that technology can bring to the table to improve and make for a perfect trip.

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TripIt® for Business removes the hassle and inefficiency of organizing office travel for companies that enjoy booking through many different sources. Keep track of who’s traveling when and where, and whether travel dollars are being spent wisely. By forwarding confirmations to, office managers, travel coordinators and assistants can access all plans in a single dashboard that leverages the same TripIt technology valued by millions of business travelers, while staying connected to employees on the road.
The Concur mobile app simplifies business travel—and simplicity equals ease. Cancelled flight? No problem! Use your mobile device to book another seat. And you can stop stockpiling receipts for your expense report; capture them in real time—not in your wallet. Concur® for Mobile allows travelers to manage all aspects of a business trip from their smartphone or tablet computer.
After your business trip is booked, managing all the trip details – from air, hotel, dining reservations and more – can be time consuming and disorganized. Plus, you need access to information about flight delays, cancellations, gate changes and your baggage claim location. You want to know about weather, driving directions and maps, and identify your loyalty number for your hotel. These needs can turn a simple trip into a hassle.