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With more than 27 million small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) in the U.S. today, the SMB marketplace has become the fastest growing segment in the U.S. economy. The sharp rise in the number of SMBs has been driven by the economic opportunities as well as a new cloud-based technology landscape that provides powerful, yet accessible and affordable, solutions. SMBs now have the opportunity to leverage these cloud-based solutions to manage key business processes, reduce their costs, and improve their productivity while gaining better control and visibility over their cash. The end result is better results and faster growth.
In the small to mid-sized business (SMB) world, investing in tools to automate business processes like accounts payable (AP) was once a significant and frequently taxing pursuit. The availability of cloud-based solutions has changed that by introducing solutions that are more affordable, provide greater accessibility, and represent significantly less risk for SMB. This report is designed to help SMB leaders understand and select the ideal AP solution to match their requirements.
In cooperation with its sponsors, International Accounts Payables Professionals (IAPP), International Accounts Receivable Professionals (IARP), National Association of Payables & Purchasing (NAPP), and The Association for Work Process Improvement (TAWPI) conducted qualitative and quantitative research among AP professionals to gain insights into trends in automated data capture in invoice processing.
This Aberdeen study evaluates how Best-in-Class companies use invoice automation to control their payables processes and drive bottom-line results.

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Play in the big leagues, no matter what your business’s size. Read this short guide and learn how cloud technology can help you bridge skill gaps, improve service quality, increase security, and drive cost efficiency.

Describes the value and benefits of Concur Invoice Management Solution

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Technology is moving accounts payable from old-fashioned manual data entry to a strategic asset that adds real value to an organization. Heritage Bank Controller Darin Johnson explains his experience with Concur's AP automation solution.


Concur's invoice management solution stream lines invoice processing helping you dramatically reduce costs and gain greater control over accountants payable. The average cost of processing a single invoice is $13.00. Concur can help you reduce this cost by nearly 70% to just $4.00. Concur helps you get invoices into your system quickly and easily. With OCR scanning technology, e-invoices and our outsourced service you can have prepopulated payment requests outer routed to the first approver.


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Manual data entry, lost invoices, long cycle times, and lack of visibility - does any of this sound familiar? You are not alone. These were just some of the pressures global digital media company, Getty Images faced prior to streamlining their AP management workflow. Hear how Getty Images was able to use technology to see the bigger picture and manage their spend with a holistic view of their data.
Join Ardent Partners’ Chief Research Officer, Andrew Bartolini, and Christopher J. Dwyer, Research Director, as they unveil the top trends within the AP function for 2015 and utilize this discussion to your organization transform you AP department into a value-added program. You'll learn the top market trends that will shape how AP is viewed in 2015 and beyond, about the growing role of business networks in driving financial (and spend) management value and the ways the AP industry is increasingly shifting towards technology.
In some AP departments, the feeling of being overwhelmed by challenges with manual or semi-automated processes can lead to just no time to think about metrics and data. Complete AP automation can provide increased visibility and interactivity of data, cutting down the time it takes to track important metrics and make timely business decisions. Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how you can bring visibility to the invoice process and turn disconnected data into actionable insights.
In this on-demand webinar, hear from Aberdeen Group Analyst Ankita Tyagi as she discusses the role of automation in helping AP transition for a tactical to a strategic function. Also hear a client testimonial from St. Jude Medical and how they streamlined their AP process to drive bottom-line results.
Financially knowledgeable SMBs understand the value of optimizing their cash and having a level of predictability around their cash inflow and outflow - this is where automating AP proves to be valuable for the SMB. Too often, SMBs operate using manual processes resulting in high operational costs, errors and delays and a general lack of visibility. Those days are long gone, today's savvy SMBs are using affordable, cloud-based solutions to automate much of the AP process, resulting in greater efficiency and visibility into AP and improving cash management.
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Concur® Standard Edition allows you to configure the service with a self-paced set-up wizard. You’ll consult with a Concur Implementation Manager to start the process. The Implementation Manager will provide general recommendations and ensure you’re positioned to meet your milestones. With Concur’s implementation support, you can be up and running in as few as 30 days.
Accounts payable (A/P) staff often spend far too much time processing and sorting paper invoices – nearly 75 percent of all invoices – from suppliers. With Concur, companies have a single platform for managing travel, expense and invoice processing. Invoice Management enables efficient approval of supplier payment requests with an easy-to-use solution that eliminates paper and reduces costs.

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A paper-based Accounts Payable process is more likely to cause overpayments, duplicate payments and late payments.  This eBook shows you how you can reduce your invoice processing costs from 40-70% through automation with Concur.

In this report, you will learn some of the key pressures which compel organizations to refine their AP processes and will also identify key technological capabilities which enable Best-in-Class companies to out-perform their peers across key metrics like invoice processing costs, time to process a single invoice and early payment discounts. The study will conclude with a discussion on the impact of an AP organization on the bottom line and make a case for AP's role in attainment of strategic goals.
While paper still dominates as the number one method used to trade businessto-business invoices, there is a light at the end of the automation tunnel – paper is waning as more companies implement front-end invoice automation and automated workflow. In the past year alone, the use of paper to trade invoices has dropped ten percent (59 percent in 2012 from 69 percent in 2011). This trend will likely continue as more companies adopt electronic invoicing and automated approval workflow for invoices, the top two automation goals reported by accounts payable (AP) professionals in the 2012 Invoice Automation Adoption Survey.