Does your business performance need a tune up?

<p>Hit the gas and leave your competitors in the dust. Download this infographic and see how automating your expense reports can rev up your business performance. </p>
<p>Ask Yourself – Does Your Business Need a Tune Up? </p>
<p>Processes like travel and expense management are essential components of the engine that makes your business run. </p>
<p>- Look under the hood. Travel is the second largest controllable expense behind salaries. *</p>
<p>- Business travel and T&E make up 10% or more of the corporate budget **</p>
<p>- Sales spends 32% selling ** and 68% on admin tasks **</p>
<p>Stay bogged down with the rest of the pack</p>
<p>- 36% have difficulty finding or managing paper-based documents **</p>
<p>- Cost of expense report transaction without expense automation. *** = $ 17.87</p>

<p>Or pull ahead to the finish line. </p>
<p>- $7.91 – Cost of expense report transaction with expense automation ***</p>
<p>- 90% of top performing organizations don’t write payroll checks anymore because of automation advancements ****</p>
<p>- A 5% reduction in operating costs has the same impact as a 30% increase in sales **</p>

<p>Ready to improve your business performance? Test drive Concur today. </p>
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