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This report is based on analysis of travel and expense data from Concur, a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management services. With over 15 million users representing approximately 15,000 corporate clients, Concur is uniquely positioned to provide insight into travel and entertainment expenses statistics.
There's a better way to manage your travel costs. Learn how to give your employees the flexibility they crave with the visibility your company needs.
Discover how far you are when it comes to your ability to have effortless expense reporting, and the areas that your organisation need to improve upon to get there.
You love the idea of using your mobile device for expense reports and easily accessing all the data in the cloud. But how do you get everyone else on board? Download our free guide to learn how to secure buy-in from your team, especially your sales manager, IT department and even the CFO.
What role does automation play in small businesses need to efficiently control costs and optimise cash flow?
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You may think spreadsheets are good enough for expense reports. They’re not. There are too many hidden costs, brought about by extreme inefficiency. Given other process improvements you’ve already made in your business, it’s time to consider automating expense reporting.

Play in the big leagues, no matter what your business’s size. Read this short guide and learn how cloud technology can help you bridge skill gaps, improve service quality, increase security, and drive cost efficiency.

An inefficient travel and expense process not only leaves your employees frustrated, but it also lacks the visibility and insight you need to see where the money’s going. Savvy finance professionals are breezing past these issues, using technology to streamline processes and turn challenges into opportunities.

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Technology is moving accounts payable from old-fashioned manual data entry to a strategic asset that adds real value to an organization. Heritage Bank Controller Darin Johnson explains his experience with Concur's AP automation solution.


ExpenseIt Pro from Concur is a receipt capture app that works seamlessly with Concur Expense to quickly turn receipts into expense reports in a snap. Simply take a photo of a receipt with your smartphone, and ExpenseIt Pro automatically creates and categorizes an expense entry, it even itemizes hotel bills.


What if expense reports could write themselves? Join Barry Padgett, Chief Product Officer at Concur, as he demonstrates how an expense report can write itself - from booking a trip, to adding attendees from a client lunch, to automatically uploading electronic receipts, to simply snapping a photo of a paper receipt with the Concur mobile app.


Yapta's CEO James Filsinger explains the importance of technology in the travel industry.He says the Perfect Trip is seamless and rewarding. Forest Key says that todays technology can improve and make for a perfect trip.

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Join Assistant Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer, as she takes you on a guided tour of the University of Colorado's journey to Automating Travel and Expense management campus wide.
Hear from your peers! Join Kelli Hudson, Assistant Vice President for Finance and Controller at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as she discusses the success they achieved by bringing an automated Travel & Expense solution to their school.
The Aberdeen Group explains how integrating expense management and traditional Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems, reduces costs, improves compliance, and most importantly, provides visibility into employee spend. Also hear from a customer who has integrated Concur's leading cloud-based travel and expense management solution with NetSuite.
Watch this informative presentation from Concur and Forrester Research discussing the findings from the recent The Total Economic Impact of Concur Travel and Expense Management study and learn how other companies just like yours have realized tremendous savings.
Changes in technology and in the workforce are affecting the way organizations manage their spending. Individual employees now have more spending flexibility and centralized processes are becoming more decentralized resulting in lack of visibility into spend. Watch this webinar to discovered how leading organizations manage their travel and expense integration and the benefits of an ecosystem of partners and suppliers.
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Hit the gas and leave your competitors in the dust. Download this infographic and see how automating your expense reports can rev up your business performance.
With manual or partially-automated processes and data existing in separate, disconnected systems, you don’t have the visibility you need to be able to see the big picture and make informed and timely decisions for your business. This infographic will show you what to think about when it comes to T&E integration and the methods your company can implement to move beyond automation and bring insight to your bottom line.
Where do small business travelers dine, drive and stay overnight? Concur peeked into its expense database and created an infographic showing the top business travel trends of 2011. See where travelers spent money, stayed and ate in 2011.
See how integrating expense management and traditional Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems, reduces costs, improves compliance, and most importantly, provides visibility into employee spend.
Where do business travelers like to dine, drive or stay overnight? Concur built half a billion expenses into an infographic showing the top business travel trends of 2011. See where travelers spent money, stayed and ate in 2011.
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Describes the value and benefits of Concur's expense management solution
Describes the value and benefits of Concur's integrated travel and expense solution
Configure Concur for complex and global requirements
Integrate Concur and Saleforce CRM for contact and opportunity integration
Quickly configure Concur in as little as thirty days
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Today's organizations have a lot to think about when it comes to travel and expense management. Greater business intelligence, visibility, risk mitigation and the ability to adapt amid today's mobile workforce are just a few examples. Organizations must reevaluate existing strategies for travel and expense management, how to overcome key challenges and structure a robust program that balances core competencies and modern technology enablers. Read this report to find out the impact of these trends in achieving ROI and business process improvements for 2014 and beyond.
2012 Concur T&E Spend Report - A Unique Look at Global Travel and Entertainment Expense Data. Available Exclusively from Concur.
Padding the expense report. Just a few dollars here and there. Who cares, right? In reality, expense fraud costs a median loss of $33,000 in each instance, according to the ACFE. Despite nonchalant attitudes, expense fraud is a crime.