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Concur helps Abercrombie & Fitch globally control T&E.
Learn how best-in-class organizations are saving time and money by leveraging current functionalities offered by mobile devices for T&E expense management.
End-to-End Visibility into T&E Expense Management: Mobile Come to the Table.
A leader in orthopedic and medical solutions, Acumed is leading the way toward managing compliance with the Federal Physicians Payment “Sunshine Act” which requires medical device companies to track costs spent on healthcare providers.
The biggest benefit in terms of integrating Concur with the CliqBook would be in terms of productivity. That the employees would be able to indeed have those travel-related needs integrated into Concur, and it would give them big benefits that they don’t need to input their transactions on the itinerary back into Concur again. The biggest benefit which comes out of this global deployment is in terms of the management information reporting. That now we can have those reportings available for the real management, and we can do better analysis of the expenses which are incurred.
We're changing the client experience, giving you the insight and control you need. We've heard from you that you want to know what your peers are doing. You want to be able to implement the best practices from millions of end users and clients. More than anything else, we care about the customer. We wake up every day thinking about how to make our customers lives easier. Well, you can't help but notice the new look up our products. They're clean, smart, easy to use. Really best in class. One word- innovation. We innovate every day, every month, 24 by 7.
American Express to be linked with Concur is very helpful. Beforehand we did not have American Express so they were manually having to key in every transaction. But having American Express has been a lot easier for them because it pulls over so much information. In my company we have about 65 employees 45 of which are, I would guess, on Concur. Before I had to do 100% audit; that means I was checking all the receipts. The field person who approved them was not really seeing the receipts. Until we went with the newer Concur where they scan all the receipts it made my life so much easier.
The availability of cloud-based solutions has changed that by introducing solutions that are more affordable, provide greater accessibility, and represent significantly less risk for SMB.
Small company experiences big savings with Concur's small business solution
Anytime, anywhere: Mobile Travel Booking. Booking travel has never been easier with Concur’s mobile app. Search preferred suppliers, check out your options, make your choice, easily add a car, or take a train