Top SAP Concur Reports and Best Practices for Financial Services

Data = cash. Demand more from it.

Coping with massive amounts of travel and expense (T&E) data isn't always easy. Especially when fraud and non-compliance can be hard to spot, sometimes even going undetected. Fortunately, the more visibility you have into spend, the more data your organization can leverage to identify trends and uncover areas of opportunity.

In this eBook, we'll take a look at some of the SAP Concur reports and best practices your industry peers and experts are using to answer questions like: 

• How healthy is my organization?

• How do I find performance measurements to gauge success? 

• What areas need further oversight and control? 

• What key metrics are unique to my business and lead to big savings?

Download the eBook to learn what SAP Concur reports your peers are using, and gain best-practice insights from industry experts.