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Motivation to book direct with suppliers is on the rise, creating unique challenges for managed travel programs. Learn more on what the key drivers are of this emerging trend, the challenges organizations face when travelers book out of policy, and the solutions to the direct-booking challenges.
In healthcare facilities across the country, finance departments are suffering. The tasks of processing expense reports, tracking mileage and ensuring compliance are burying your team in a sea of paper and costing your organization more than anyone realizes. Compared to the overall charter of medical facilities—helping people, spend management can seem minor and can be overlooked,...
After salaries, travel and entertainment is the top controllable expense category for businesses. Changing the way you approach it can deliver huge wins on cost control, visibility and productivity. In this guide, we'll cover four things you can do right now to fix your travel and expense management, save money, save time and make your employees happier by freeing them to focus on what really...
Discover how far you are when it comes to your ability to have effortless expense reporting, and the areas that your organisation need to improve upon to get there.
Expense reporting matters. Big time. And it’s not hard to get started. Just use our step-by-step guide to implement a new expense reporting system for your business.
You get it. You love the idea of an expense report that writes itself. Expense reporting should be mobile and your data should be easily accessed through the cloud, but how do you get everyone else on board? Read this e-book for tips to help you facilitate important conversations with sales, IT, C-level executives and more, and gain critical support you need to make a change that will help your...
Your company is made up of many different types of people. And different employees have significantly different ideas about what is fair and reasonable when making purchase decisions. Ultimately, those decisions can directly impact your company's overall cash flow. Download this guide to learn how to create a T&E policy that will satisfy multiple types of personalities in your business.
There's a better way to manage your travel costs. Learn how to give your employees the flexibility they crave with the visibility your company needs.
If you're like most businesses, you've already cut costs and avoided unnecessary expenses. At this point, you might feel like you've exhausted all the possibilities for managing costs and driving significant savings. Download our whitepaper to learn how can you cut costs even further without stifling business growth or reducing your workforce.
In this report based on 2014 research from The Aberdeen Group explore how leading organizations are using technology to manage traveler risk and communication for their employees and maintain Duty of Care policies. It touches on the key factors that are tied together to manage aspects of employee risk - mobile access, visibility and policy.