Check out how Concur Invoice lets your AP team track every single outstanding vendor invoice in your system - from getting visibility into the approval status, to understanding where and how much all of your invoices are worth in an effort to better manage your cash flow.


Curious to learn how the Concur Invoice Processor Dashboard works to help you view, organize, prioritize, and create custom queries and reports of your vendor invoices? Check out this product demo of how Concur Invoice can work for your business.


Our platform is about creating better experiences for the traveler and delivering opportunities for businesses to solve all sorts of challenges across the organization and around the globe. 


This ACFE and SAP Concur webinar, entitled New Ways to Prevent and Detect Fraud Risks Across Employee Spend Areas, demonstrates how two organizations, Ford Motor Company and CenterPoint Energy, integrated employee spend data to help uncover fraud and assist in individual and departmental investigations. Ford shared six sample reports and identified that they use SAP Concur’s...


What your business needs. What your travelers want. All in one place.


Travel, expense and invoice management are all part of the SAP Concur platform. Alone, these solutions can help you increase visibility, improve compliance and cut costs. But when you bring everything together, the benefits are even greater – for you, your business and your employees.


Analytics provides a unified view of your data so you can empower stakeholders with the information they need to understand and impact the bottom line. Here are some key examples of how Analytics can drive actionable insights for you! Learn more:


Machine learning can save time and increase accuracy. But, more importantly, it can free people up to do what’s important to them. Watch the video to learn how SAP Concur is doing with machine learning and SAP Leonardo to deliver real business value to customers.


Business travel works better when it's integrated with expense reporting. See how easy it is to book travel and have expense data flow seamlessly from bookings to expense reports when you automate in the cloud with SAP Concur. Also, discover how to track expenses quickly and easily with our interactive


Want to avoid lost paper invoices, delayed email invoices, late and duplicate payments? This overview of Concur Invoice shows how automating your accounts payable management in the cloud can make your life easier, save you money and give you a clearer view into your cash flow – the lifeblood of any business.