Concur is an SAP Company
As a Concur customer, you should already be seeing improvements in compliance and increased visibility into spend. But that’s just the beginning. To take compliance and savings to the next level, you should plan to audit submitted expense reports to ensure compliance. We work with thousands of companies who have automated their expense management process, and we know that best-in-class...
Review these slides for a recap of our April Client Summits in California. Get an overview of Concur Reporting best practices, what your organization can be doing differently to solve small business challenges and see how Concur partner, Lyndon Group has successfully implemented their travel and expense policy.
Imagine saving up to 25% of your Travel & Entertainment spend by recovering VAT incurred on both domestic and foreign expenses. VAT Cloud™ by VAT IT makes it easy through cloud-based integration with Concur Expense, automatic retrieval and analysis of expense data, and direct submission to relevant foreign tax offices. Business Travel: Recover VAT spent on business travel...
Whether your employees are in your office or around the world, your ability to keep them safe is becoming increasingly important. We all know that it’s no longer satisfactory to simply hope there isn’t an emergency. As duty of care concerns increase, are you prepared to locate, monitor and assist your employees in an event of a crisis? Have you aligned with your TMC or developed clear policies...
Mergers and acquisitions in technology often struggle to meet expectations or deliver on promises made. We believe the SAP and Concur relationship is different. If you’re an IT leader evaluating or implementing Concur, download this Gartner report and see what the analyst firm has to say about SAP’s acquisition of Concur.
You may think spreadsheets are good enough for expense reports. They’re not. There are too many hidden costs, brought about by extreme inefficiency. Given other process improvements you’ve already made in your business, it’s time to consider automating expense reporting.

Play in the big leagues, no matter what your business’s size. Read this short guide and learn how cloud technology can help you bridge skill gaps, improve service quality, increase security, and drive cost efficiency.

An inefficient travel and expense process not only leaves your employees frustrated, but it also lacks the visibility and insight you need to see where the money’s going. Savvy finance professionals are breezing past these issues, using technology to streamline processes and turn challenges into opportunities.
Concur Travel allows you to book within your corporate travel policy from anywhere at any time to keep you productive on the road so you won't miss a beat.