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A leader in orthopedic and medical solutions, Acumed is leading the way toward managing compliance with the Federal Physicians Payment “Sunshine Act” which requires medical device companies to track costs spent on healthcare providers.
Describes the value and benefits of Concur's Advanced Travel Services Solution
American Express to be linked with Concur is very helpful. Beforehand we did not have American Express so they were manually having to key in every transaction. But having American Express has been a lot easier for them because it pulls over so much information. In my company we have about 65 employees 45 of which are, I would guess, on Concur. Before I had to do 100% audit; that means I was checking all the receipts. The field person who approved them was not really seeing the receipts. Until we went with the newer Concur where they scan all the receipts it made my life so much easier.
The availability of cloud-based solutions has changed that by introducing solutions that are more affordable, provide greater accessibility, and represent significantly less risk for SMB.
Concur is perfect for a mobile workforce
Client shares how automated reimbursements eliminate manual processes and shorten payment cycles
Describes the value and benefits of Concur's Business Intelligence Solution
Concur is user-friendly, offers huge cost savings, and gave our users control
Unlock the power of your data. Learn how and where your company spends its money on business travel and expenses.
Take your Concur travel and expense automation to the next level with cloud-to-cloud integration for NetSuite Financials