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Learn how to reduce the cost of processing expenses, eliminate cumbersome paper-based claims and receipts and ensure compliance with both internal and government policies.


Learn what automated expense management is and how it is used, as well as some helpful suggestions on ways to start implementing a process that could help your organization save time and money.


Seamless travel and expense management: the benefits of an integrated T&E solution.

Underwritten by Vishal Patel Research Director Ardent Partners December 2012 With more than 27 million small to mid-sized businesses (“SMBs”) in the U.S. today, the SMB marketplace has become the fastest growing segment in the U.S. economy. The sharp rise in the number of SMBs has been driven by economic opportunities as well as a new cloud-based technology...
In the small to mid-sized business (SMB) world, investing in tools to automate business processes like accounts payable (AP) was once a significant and frequently taxing pursuit. The availability of cloud-based solutions has changed that by introducing solutions that are more affordable, provide greater accessibility, and represent significantly less risk for SMB. This report is designed to...
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Concur's Business Intelligence Solution helps you unlock the power of your data by providing actionable insights into your company's spending patterns. Your company spends a lot of money on travel and expense. You need to know where it's all going. Concur gives you access to the necessary data and gives you visibility into employee-initiated spending. From individual details to big picture...


Meet Tom. He's today's on the go business traveler, going far and wide to make things happen. He travels the way he likes, booking his way. Direct to his favorite hotels, rental cars and other vendors for discounts and member benefits. Meet Concur Open Booking, the business travel solution that not only helps Tom book and travel the way he likes, he's more efficient while staying...


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By now, you have heard of the Sunshine Act and are most likely preparing for the changes that are required by this federal regulation. But what are the practical applications of this law, and what does that mean for your company in terms of reporting on expenses?


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No one denies the efficiency, ease and consumer-like user experiences of cloud-based solutions. They’re great. But are they great for you? Your line-of-business leaders seem to think so. They’re pressuring you to move to a place where capital expenses become operational expenditures and your strained IT resources are no longer strained.