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This Forrester report reveals that smart mobile devices are essential to Hong Kong business in medium to large enterprises, and that the workforce in enterprises needs mobile applications to address travel and expense (T&E) management challenges.
The Value of an End-to-End Travel and Expense Management Solution
Top Tips for Getting Started with Automated Expense Management
How to Make Expenses Reporting & Management Easy – a Tip Sheet
What to Track If You Want to Reduce Expenses Costs – a Checklist
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Unlock the power of your data. Learn how and where your company spends its money on business travel and expenses.


With the Locate & Alert service, a company can confirm that their employees are safe.


Meet Concur Open Booking, the business travel solution that not only helps Tom book and travel the way he likes, he is more efficient while staying compliant with company travel policies. Watch how…


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By now, you have heard of the Sunshine Act and are most likely preparing for the changes that are required by this federal regulation. But what are the practical applications of this law, and what does that mean for your company in terms of reporting on expenses?
Discover how organizations are significantly cutting costs with an automated travel and expense management process.
Aberdeen Group provides mid-market companies actionable strategies for improving their expense management systems.
Concur and client, Salesforce, discuss best practices for reducing costs and fraud through an automated T&E process.
Pharma industry experts dissect the Open Payments to reveal how this legislation will impact your organization.
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A leader in orthopedic and medical solutions, Acumed is leading the way toward managing compliance with the Federal Physicians Payment “Sunshine Act” which requires medical device companies to track costs spent on healthcare providers.
For Kofax, Concur Service Administration Answers Questions Before They're Asked
Major Research University Achieves Smart Savings with Concur
Improved process efficiency and increases control was the key driver for this client. Instant access to expense data is a huge benefit.
Client shares how automated reimbursements eliminate manual processes and shorten payment cycles
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About Concur's Locate & Alert solution.
Describes the value and benefits of Concur's Advanced Travel Services Solution
Describes the value and benefits of Concur's Expense Report Auditing solution
Describes the value and benefits of Concur's User Support Desk solution
Coordination of corporate meetings and connecting group travel booking capabilities with meeting planning.