Duty of Care solutions for public sector

Enhance your existing solution to support government employees when they need it most.

Duty of Care is too big to tackle alone

Ensuring your employees’ safety and fulfilling your Duty of Care is a top priority. That’s why SAP Concur solutions work together to help you respond to scenarios and emergencies that can arise in today’s complex world. Your travel risk management program should allow you to:

  • Pinpoint any traveler, anywhere, quickly and accurately
  • Communicate with employees at a moment’s notice
  • Send out alerts about an unexpected event
  • Assist your people whenever they need it

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Meet your commitment to every traveler with accurate and consolidated location data

Data from Concur Travel, your TMC, HR profiles, location check-ins, and Concur TripLink bookings provides the valuable insights you need to support every employee, no matter where travel is booked.

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Gain visibility to support employees, no matter where they are

Whether they’re on the road or in a home office, accurate location data from Concur Locate lets you quickly determine every traveler and employee affected by an emergency and manage safety risks.

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Simplify risk management with access to Duty of Care experts

Protect your employees 24/7, no matter where they are. With Concur Locate and Active Monitoring, a team of experts can monitor, alert, and assist employees in need.

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See how SAP Concur solutions can help fulfill Duty of Care

10 tips for your Duty of Care

The need for an effective Duty of Care program is more important than ever. Fill gaps in your current Duty of Care program with these helpful tips.

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Use data to track down travelers

Duty of Care continues to be a big issue facing businesses. Read our blog to find out why and learn what you can do to enhance your organization’s program.

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Success Stories: University of Tulsa

See how the University of Tulsa brought value to their students, faculty, and staff with extended SAP Concur solutions.

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SAP Concur has a better way to handle travel management

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