SAP Concur solutions for public sector IT

Solutions that provide your team with usable and secure tools while reducing IT infrastructure costs.

Anticipate change and lead your team with a connected solution for better spend management

Get the flexibility, ease, and scalability of the cloud with all the integration, compliance, and data security you expect. With SAP Concur solutions, your organization can:

  • Preserve capital investments and lower operational costs
  • Use the latest technology without putting data at risk
  • Simplify your migration to the cloud
  • Integrate with SAP ERP or other ERP solutions
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Shape business impacts and strategic outcomes with cloud-based solutions

With data-driven business technology like Concur Travel and Locate, you can provide resources for internal stakeholders to achieve their missions while serving your employee and constituent base.

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Migrate to the cloud and give users solutions they’ll actually use

Mobile-first solutions like Concur Expense and Drive deliver a simplified experience that lessens the need for technical support, increases adoption, and allows users to work from anywhere.

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Influence business decisions with better quality data

By replacing manual input of data with Concur Invoice and Expense, you can accelerate processes, improve overall business agility, and drive better insights.

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Future-proof your investment with a robust ecosystem and platform

Take advantage of prebuilt connectors and our SAP ERP integrations, as well as our vast amount of app partnerships.

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Increase your team’s efficiency with automation and machine learning

With Concur Expense and Detect you can use fully integrated AI from AppZen and machine learning to automate processes, reduce operational drain, and limit financial risk – all while saving users time.

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Share, test, and implement innovative ideas that build on your existing solution

Concur Labs provides insights into new technologies, mashups, and surfaces innovation, so you can be a part of groundbreaking technology in travel and spend management programs.

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