Public sector compliance and audit solutions

SAP Concur solutions help you get greater visibility into all the ways your employees are spending to ensure that taxpayer dollars are used responsibly.

Achieve compliance with a connected solution to better manage your public sector spend

A connected solution consolidates siloed employee spend data, helps you uncover data patterns, and increases policy adoption while controlling costs. With SAP Concur solutions you can:

  • Identify and reduce instances of FW&A
  • Increase adoption of spend policies
  • Leverage automation for compliance requirements
  • Fulfill your Duty of Care
  • Assure public trust and agency reputation

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Use actionable insights to drive compliance and accountability

By connecting Concur Expense, Travel, and Invoice, your organization can draw on critical insights to inform your compliance with federal, state and local, and educational institution mandates.

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Encourage compliance and reduce fraud with built-in capabilities and AI

Reduce noncompliant spend with tools like Concur Request that let you see each request, from submission to approval, and Concur Detect using AI from AppZen to audit 100% of expenses in near real time.

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Reduce instances of FW&A by sharing insights across departments

Siloed data increases the chances of FW&A. Shared insights with solutions such as Concur Travel and Expense allow you better visibility into patterns of misuse

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Maintain compliance and accountability with easy-to-use tools

Increase adoption and compliance with tools like Concur Expense and Invoice that let you streamline processes to create a digital footprint of necessary, reasonable, and policy-consistent spending.

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Lower the risk of cross-border tax burdens on your organization with consolidated, trackable data

Concur Expense and Intelligence allows HR, Finance, Payroll, and Tax specialists to collaboratively reduce the risk and burden on both the organization and employees to meet state mandates.

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Keep your employees safe – no matter where their jobs take them

Our solutions help you fulfill your duty of care by allowing you to locate, communicate with, and provide assistance to employees in urgent situations, wherever they are.

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