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Concur automates the T&E process to improve visibility into expenses for each client, helping you bill accurately and efficiently.

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Professional Services

One complete solution for travel and expense management

Managing travel and expense should be easy. Concur integrates the many aspects of T&E into one simple, usable and actionable platform that provides a consistent experience across the board. Concur’s innovative solutions grow along with your company.

Instead of using different programs for travel, expenses, client invoices, mobile T&E and reporting, Concur provides an all in one solution, including the most efficient means of tracking T&E. You’ll spend less time organizing receipts and updating spreadsheets and have more time to focus on other matters.

Anytime, anywhere access.

With our robust mobile solution, you can book travel, manage itineraries and eliminate the need to hold onto receipts by taking digital images from your mobile device. With ExpenseIt Pro, real-time T&E reporting is a reality, one in which you can control out-of-policy spending and reduce data entry errors.

Travelers can securely submit expenses – from plane flights to business dinners to mileage – as they happen through the easy-to-use mobile platform. Administrators can then review and approve submissions in the office or on the go, all using the same system.

A better client invoice process.

Keep track of expense allocation with Concur’s interactive platform. You can accurately assign, split or bill back expenses to the appropriate client or project. Instead of worrying about stacks of paper receipts and assigning client billing in batches, you can easily track client invoices, even down to line-by-line allocation.

Measurable time and cost savings

Concur drastically reduces the time and costs associated with travel and expense management, even when your company has employees constantly traveling and submitting reports. An average business spends about 10 percent of its total budget on T&E and a significant portion of that spending may be out of plan or better controlled.

When administrators spend significantly less time processing travel and expense documents, and negotiated rates improve with a total view of your spend, savings can be significant.

Complete project management integration.

Replicon Concur Connect provides a complete picture of aggregate time and expense data in real time. The easy integration process and simple format provide all the information managers need to make effective business decisions.

Based in the cloud, Replicon Concur Connect keeps up with information in real-time, creating an especially reliable database. Administrators can streamline the approval process, see a clear picture of complete project data and quickly assign expenses on an individual or bulk basis.

Best-in-class support

Client support is a priority for Concur. We’re constantly working on making our programs even more intuitive and seamlessly integrating those improvements into our products. Concur covers everything from initial implementation to product management and continuing support, freeing up your IT team to focus on other business needs.

Concur is the only provider that delivers the ‘one-stop-shopping’ platform that we needed, with mobile apps that are by far the best in providing easy of access.

T-Systems North America, Inc. – Martin Lagler