Travel Management Company (TMC) Partners


Senator House

85 Queen Victoria St

London EC4V 4AB

Travel and Transport Statesman is one of the UK's leading independent business travel management companies, providing a full range of travel management services tailored to the specific needs of corporate and private clients. With a highly experienced team at the helm, Travel and Transport Statesman has a new and fresh approach to travel management. We also have the expertise and credibility, both nationally and internationally, to supply the innovation and sophistication that will accommodate the most demanding and knowledgeable of clients. 
At the Travel Exchange we turn years of expertise in corporate and leisure travel into real world benefits for our clients. We strive for perfection in every detail, so you can always travel with confidence. Travel Exchange is one of the world's premier global travel agencies. Let us show you how we can give you and your company a fresh perspective on travel. 

With nearly 4,000 travel agents across the United States, we are the largest travel agency network in North America. Our size and 30 years of proven success give us both the buying power and the resources to offer you the greatest discounts and unique value-added amenities to enhance your vacation experiences. Simply put, we are travel industry leaders that can help you travel better.