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Global Distribution System + Self-Booking Tool + Expense

Every business trip begins with booking travel and ends when all travel expenses are reimbursed. And those travel expenses add up, representing a typical organization’s second largest controllable expense. So doesn’t it make sense to manage your entire business travel process with one complete solution?

Amadeus and Concur understand your core needs – that’s why we’ve partnered to deliver an intuitive, integrated corporate travel and expense management solution that can be tailored to your unique business requirements. Together, our strategic partnership enables you to mix and match the technologies you need for a complete solution, enabling you to consolidate every aspect of your program. And by providing the ultimate in flexibility, this combination lets you choose the service providers to support your global travel and expense management program.

  • 1 global distribution system from Amadeus
  • 2 self-booking tools with regional strengths from Amadeus and Concur
  • 1 expense management solution from Concur

With a combined solution from Amadeus and Concur, you can simplify your travel and expense process by automating and managing travel booking and expense reporting in an easy-to-use, integrated system. The combined solution is adaptable to your specific regional needs and requirements and can be implemented globally helping you to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

About Amadeus:
Amadeus is the chosen technology partner and transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry
Headquartered: Madrid, Spain
Year founded: 1987
Phone: 1.888.AMADEUS

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