UNIGLOBE One Travel - TMC Preferred Partner


UNIGLOBE One Travel is the largest travel management company in Western Canada, with key corporate offices located strategically in the Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg markets. UNIGLOBE One Travel employs over 200 staff members, and is well-positioned for future growth with annual sales exceeding $300 million. UNIGLOBE One Travel has strong ties to both the corporate and supplier communities as well as UNIGLOBE International as the technology development partner for Canada.

Our company’s value lies in our ability to leverage our international brand in conjunction with the benefit of a locally based, hands-on travel management company, yet collaborate with a worldwide network of partners on best practices, new technologies and multi-location accounts to provide a consolidated travel and reporting package for enterprises of all sizes and scope.

UNIGLOBE One Travel successfully serves over 675 corporate clients with a proven ability to adapt our processes and technologies to administer creative and customized program offerings that address a broad range of travel-related needs.