Safe Harbors Business Travel - Concur TMC Preferred Partner
In 2015, Safe Harbors Business Travel, LLC. marked its 30th year providing corporate travel services to a broad and diverse client portfolio of corporations, NGOs and other organizations throughout the world. We are a solid amalgamation of highly-experienced travel industry and service professionals, peerless airline industry and travel service provider connections and relationships, strict organization and conscientious accountability, commitment to client ROI as a fiscal imperative and technology as current, relevant and as robust as it gets. Safe Harbors Business Travel, our name, echoes our commitment to Duty of Care: Protocols and systems in place that informs our clients where their employees are and, with us, how best to protect them. Our veteran status, NGO experience, outstanding track record of bringing demonstrated procedural and actual economies — all ruled by service as service was meant to be — matters to our clients, as it has for decades. Safe Harbors Business Travel is, as always, Innovative, Responsive, Supportive, Personal and Passionate.