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United Kingdom

Reed & Mackay was founded in 1962 as a City-based travel agency. In 1988 we expanded into strategic travel management, establishing ourselves as a leading company in this market. We are robust and stable, and offer consistently high value despite world events such as 9/11, SARS and the more recent credit crunch.

Today we offer Business Travel, Event Management and a high end, bespoke leisure travel service - Private Clients. Quality not quantity drives us. We created Global Specialist Markets in 2006 to consolidate and expand our international capability. We don’t advertise as 85% of our growth is driven by clients who are happy to continuously recommend our services.

Talent and investment have driven our growth to become the most trusted and respected company in the industry today. Our reputation is comparable to the clients we work with. Our people are our biggest asset and have always delivered exceptional and valued service beyond the everyday.