With TravelText, what normally takes minutes is done in seconds! TravelText allows you to text your expenses straight into your Concur account, saving you an enormous amount of time and hassle!

The unique thing about TravelText is how fast things can be done. The TravelText system intelligence allows you to fill out large portions of your expense report by simply texting one small text. Even advanced entries like dinners with a lot of attendees becomes a walk in the park with this solution.

  • Start new expense reports
  • Create new expense line items
  • Attach receipts
  • Create Quick Expenses even quicker

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About TravelText

TravelText is a unique expense capture solution that is tailored to simplify and automate expense reporting for Concur users. So fast and easy that you'll find yourself done with your expense report before you get back!

Headquartered: Stavanger, Norway
Year founded: 2009
Phone: +1 800 609 9520