Tango Card Connector

Bring consistency and predictability to gift card purchases

The $50 billion spent annually on enterprise gift cards is plagued by inconsistent reporting, lots of fees, and poor visibility. Through Tango Card’s integration with the Concur Connect Platform, gift card purchasers easily link their Tango Card and Concur accounts. Purchases made using this Tango Card account, either directly from Tango Card’s site or through Tango Card’s application on Salesforce® and other platforms, automatically insert an expense entry directly into the sender’s Concur account that includes an attached receipt image. This happens without the user taking any action, a truly seamless integration. Now enterprise gift card spend (from customer service and HR teams to sales and marketing teams) is subject to predictable, accurate, and consistent tracking and reporting.

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About Tango Card:
Tango Card is redefining how enterprise customers incorporate digital goods into gift card and loyalty programs. Our solutions power Bing Rewards, FedEx, Toluna, and Shutterfly (Treat.com). Tango Card software is also integrated with some of the largest SaaS, social TV, and cloud-based solutions today.

Headquartered: Seattle, WA
Year founded: 2010
Website: www.tangocard.com
Email: general@tangocard.com
Phone: 1-877-55-TANGO