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My Travel Network

Booking made effortless, and expense reports that write themselves.

Imagine if booking travel was effortless.

Now, it can be. My Travel Network seamlessly connects participating travel partners to your Concur account to make booking flights and hotels hassle-free, and you still get to earn reward points. All the while, watch your expense report write itself.

Check out the perks below:

Better rates

Receive your company’s negotiated rates.

Earn all your rewards

Connect your reward programs to your Concur account to receive benefits and points.

Expense reports that write themselves

Cut down on paperwork — travel partners send itemized e-receipts to Concur, filling out your expense reports for you.

On the go

Keep track of all your travel plans anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device, using TripIt or the Concur app.

Frequently asked questions

What is TripLink?

TripLink helps employees and their companies manage travel across every booking channel by capturing and integrating itineraries into Concur, even when travelers book directly with suppliers. Using TripLink, organizations can apply policy in advance of the trip, while gaining complete program visibility, reporting, duty-of-care and audit capabilities for reservations. Travelers increase productivity via the use of robust booking options, industry-leading mobile applications for itinerary management, and streamlined expense reporting.

How do I know if I have TripLink?

Please contact your Travel Manager to see if your company has invested in TripLink.

Can I un-enroll from My Travel Network?

Yes. By un-enrolling in My Travel Network, you stop any new connections to your reward accounts. You can remove the existing connections between your Concur account and the TripLink partners with whom you have established a reward account by visiting the Concur App Center.

What is My Travel Network?

My Travel Network connects all your reward and loyalty programs to your Concur account, enabling an effortless travel experience.

What are the benefits of My Travel Network?

With My Travel Network, get your company’s negotiated rates with preferred airline, hotel and ground transportation partners. Your expense reports write themselves with itemized e-receipts. Plus, when you connect to TripIt Pro, your itineraries will be in one place.

How do I use My Travel Network?

To enroll in My Travel Network, simply add your reward program numbers to your Concur profile, and click “I Agree” to connect.

Need help getting started?

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