When your spend data is visible, it’s easier to find answers.

Better manage company spend for greater visibility and control

An AMI-Partners study of financial decision-makers at small and midsize businesses (SMBs) makes a strong case for automating expense, travel, and invoicing. SMBs across industry sectors report significant average annual savings and benefits.

saved per finance employee each year

annually with automated invoicing solutions annually

every year by implementing automated travel and expense management solutions

want an automated solution that has improved analytics

less wait time between expense report submission and reimbursement

integrate their expense, travel, and invoice solutions

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AMI-Partners Study: Elevate Business Performance and Better Manage Spend with Automation

In the ever-evolving business landscape, managing company spend has become progressively more challenging for financial decision makers. Increasing mobile workforces, and an expanding number of vendors and invoices mean more transactions to track and manage. Automating expense, travel and invoicing is a sure way to gain a precise picture of how money is flowing through an organization. Firms of all sizes, geographies, and industries have found that automation is a simple and effective method for improving efficiencies, reducing operating expenditures, and boosting employee satisfaction. Download the report today to learn more about the benefits of automated solutions.

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