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Manufacturing Services Solutions

Real ROI for manufacturing companies.

As your company grows and changes, it’s important to have a travel and expense management solution that can keep up with your evolving needs. Our solutions for manufacturers help preserve efficiency and reduce costs, while enabling your company to remain agile and innovative.

After implementing a Concur solution, one manufacturing company experienced several benefits, including:

  • Reduced time spent entering expense data—they saved 12 hours per week.
  • Improved analytics that allowed for negotiating better vendor pricing.
  • Enhanced expense tracking to monitor employee spend.
  • Increased transparency of data to quickly and easily identify fraud.

Learn more about how Rust-Oleum and Concur are keeping expenses under control. Case study

Simple ERP integration.

Many ERP systems are excellent for tracking inventories, planning materials, procurement and tying in CRM functionality. They’re not, however, the best tools for travel booking and expense management. The good news is that Concur easily connects with your best-in-class ERP system to form a dynamic duo. To name a few, Concur connects with Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and NetSuite directly. And, through the Concur® Connect Platform, it’s possible to build the custom connector that will work for you.

Concur solutions scale as your company grows.

As your manufacturing company grows, so does our solution’s ability to serve your needs. Concur solutions are simple enough for smaller organizations, but also customizable to fulfill the needs of a global workforce. Features like international language and currency support serve employees the world over and across multiple departments. Now, plant managers in one part of the world can work effectively with sales offices two time zones away without concern for redundant, manual processes or conversion rates.

Simple and flexible features for business travelers.

Concur offers seamless travel and expense management that makes life easy for the business traveler. Need to visit a different office or plant? Just search and book travel at your desk or on our free mobile app. Need to save an expense receipt? Snap a picture from your smartphone. Plans change at the last minute? Adjust your itinerary directly from your mobile device Concur solutions are easy, flexible and intuitive—truly built to optimize the experience for the end user.

Innovation and support at every corner.

Dedication to product innovation and on-going support is evident in every feature of our products, from automated alerts to mobile travel booking and streamlined processes. Manufacturing companies need fast and innovative solutions that scale with their growth. Our rapid rate of innovation and frequent release schedule—chock-full of updates and free product improvements—help us stay as agile as your company.

Driving efficiency reduces cost.

The fact is, the more time your employees spend on expense reports and travel booking, the less time they spend doing their actual job. The more time employees spend doing their jobs, the more money your company makes. We help reduce operating costs by automating a manual, disjointed expense reporting process and transforming it into an efficient, simple set of basic and familiar steps.

With an automated process, you will have more visibility into spend which will help identify more opportunities to drive down costs. You’ll also reduce the risk of duplicate efforts and entries, which prevents costly data errors. Looking to simplify processes and focus on growth and profit? We can help.