The evolution of the Concur user experience.

Updates to our user interface, designed to enable effortless navigation, "work to zero" task lists and easier access to features for every product, on any device, any time.

Introducing “work-to-zero.” Know at-a-glance what needs to be done.

No matter their role, employees will know exactly which tasks they have pending when they log in. This will save time, streamline common tasks, and simplify the experience for everyone. We have minimized the screens needed to accomplish tasks and to inform employees when they are done. Whether it’s managing their own expenses, approving others' or access to upcoming trips—with one click users can quickly do what they need to do. Simple.

Concur Administrators can transition their companies to the new user interface today.

If you are a Concur Administrator for your company or a client, you have been able to preview and transition your company to the new user interface (UI) since October 2014. As an Administrator, you can determine who has access to the new UI, and when. Depending on your company’s solution, this can be done by individual, role, expense group, or the entire company. Concur recommends transitioning your company before the final cut over date to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

  • Expense
  • Trip
  • Approval

The newly designed Concur Expense page streamlines expense reports by making them more intuitive.

  • Key actions and notifications are clear and easy to find.
  • Everything users need to manage their expenses is located on a single screen.
  • We’ve significantly improved “smart matching” and handling of available expenses for faster report creation.
  • Receipts and related details are located on the page to enable more efficient matching to reports.
  • Users can easily toggle between tabs to see different views of key information.

Enhanced, consolidated Trip Summary makes booking trips easy and intuitive.

  • The workflow has been consolidated to streamline the overall booking process.
  • The enhanced Trip Summary clearly shows users where they are in the process.
  • Receipts and related details are located on the page to enable more efficient matching to reports.
  • Detailed steps are displayed in a logical order to help simplify the booking process.

Approvals are now faster, easier and all in one location.

  • Key actions and notifications are clear and easy to find.
  • Common functions and tasks are grouped together to streamline the approval process.
  • All key activities are located on a single screen.

Answers to some of your questions.

Why is Concur updating the user interface?

Concur continues to be committed to delivering the best travel, expense, invoice and related solutions for our clients worldwide. We listen carefully to customer feedback, and we innovate to deliver the best possible experience for our users. These enhancements provide a critical modern foundation to help our customers get their work done more quickly–from any device, any time.

How significant is this change and should I be worried?

The design, implementation and usability research for the UI update involved many current and potential clients. Primary consideration was to minimize the impact of the update for all client organizations, while delivering the features and enhancements that would improve overall productivity.

To accomplish this, the upcoming changes are focused only on modernization of the user interface for all products and pages on, with some functionality changes on the Home, Expense, Administrative, and Approval pages and enhancements to the Travel Summary & Booking flow. All other core functionality, workflows and localization, including language translation, will remain the same as they are today.

Impact to clients should be minimal, as was validated during our detailed usability studies. Participants in the studies were able to navigate and complete all tasks without any coaching, training or additional learning required.

What will be changing in 2014?

The improvements planned for 2014 will focus on enhancing the current user interface for all product lines and solutions on In addition, the current Home Page will include a new interface, some workflow and functionality changes as well as additional capabilities. The expense management page will also be enhanced with additional workflow changes and the current “Receipt Store” will be incorporated into the page. Finally, an enhanced summary will be included in the Travel Booking page, and there will be changes to the Administration page to allow for previewing and transitioning your company to the new UI during the product preview period.

How will smartphones and tablets be impacted?

The Concur Mobile app will not be impacted; however, if employees use their mobile or tablet web browser to access, they’ll experience the new user interface.

What should I expect as an Administrator?

Since October, administrators have had the ability to preview and transition their company to the new user interface. Many companies already have moved to the new UI. Depending on their solution, administrators will be able to toggle on/off the enhanced UI as often as required for individuals, roles, expense groups or the entire company. This approach provides Administrators flexibility to preview the enhancements and ensure their users are ready for the change. Concur recommends that administrators transition their company to the new UI prior to the final cut over to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

Why do I have to switch and when do I need to switch?

The new UI will form the basis for continued innovation across Concur's entire product portfolio and, therefore, all clients are required to be on the UI by January 31, 2015. While the preview period for clients began in October 2014, Concur recommends that clients transition themselves to the enhanced UI on their own terms, prior to January 31, 2015. By preparing users and transitioning themselves, clients will ensure the smoothest transition possible. On January 31, 2015, any remaining clients who have not transitioned themselves will be moved by Concur to the new UI.

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