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Simplified travel for
government employees.

Streamlined travel vouchers, easy booking tools, electronic receipts and mobile access make government travel a snap.

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Government Travel Booking

Easily book and manage travel.

Managing travel authorizations and processing travel vouchers can be a drain on your time and valuable resource. Government agencies require precise calculations and accounting measures that comply with the government travel regulations. And, they need a system that's easy to administer.

The Concur Government Edition works the way your agency works - adapting to your workflow and detailed travel policies. With Concur, government travelers and managers can easily create, review, approve and process travel authorizations and vouchers. Concur provides accurate entitlements, fast reimbursement, increased control and completed visibility into travel spending processes through its government travel system. Our detailed reports give you visibility into how employees spend money.

Get more control over compliance and budgets.

Concur makes it easy for government agencies to stay in complete control of travel and budgets before travelers hit the road. Book local and international flights, rental cars, hotel and rail reservations - all guided by government-wide and agency-specific policies.

Travelers are free to make preferential choices. All reservation data, as well as alternative choices, are automatically inserted into the travel authorization for review by the traveler and travel approvers.

  • Search for and book relevant, in-policy travel (CPP, Fedrooms ®, etc.)
  • Save with direct connects, negotiated discounts and Internet-only fares
  • Book air, hotels, cars trains or taxis on a smartphone
  • Business rules combined with automated pre-trip approvals help enforce travel policies

Automatic entitlement and accounting calculations.

Concur's automatic entitlement and accounting calculations ensure all travel documents are compliant with government regulations and agency accounting processes. All required payments supporting obligations, liquidations and disbursements are calculated and tracked within each travel document, simplifying the integration to your agency's accounting system.