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Government - ROI

Do more with less.

On November 11, 2011, President Obama signed an Executive Order directing federal agencies to reduce spending on travel and sundry items by 20 percent by 2013. The ambitious goal is to cut nearly $2 billion - a hefty sum. So how can your agency continue to travel on a tighter budget?

With the Concur Government Edition, your best return on investment happens with a Cloud and mobile-based integrated service. Concur allows you leverage cloud-based, innovative IT solutions to maintain your agency's current travel thresholds while spending less.

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Hard dollar savings.

An end-to-end, cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) and mobile technology solution applied to reducing travel spend in the government can go a long way toward reducing the $2 billion gap by eliminating help desk, software maintenance and upgrade costs, and storage costs while outsourcing many of the service components in travel planning and accounting.

These hard dollar savings make your agency more efficient and encourage innovation in the travel management process. To effectively reduce travel spend, hard dollar savings must be combined with additional savings opportunities like process improvements to reach the President's goal.

Standard soft dollar savings.

There are massive opportunities to save time and money when your agency reduces the time it spends booking, authorizing and vouchering. Concur's Government solution gives you direct savings on travel spend through:

  • More online bookings and fewer calls to travel agencies
  • Flexible, rules-based enforcement of travel policies
  • Access to fares and content directly from travel suppliers that aren't found in the GDS
  • Access to enhanced data, leveraging best practices for world-class travel procurement
  • Use of mobility and social networking