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New Green Initiatives

At Concur, we continue to find new environmentally-friendly approaches to eliminate paper, manage carbon emissions and cut costs in the travel and voucher management process.

A look at carbon emissions.

Travelers can see how much their air travel contributes to CO2 gases and can easily find flights with the least amount of CO2 emissions. Concur Government Edition displays carbon emissions on the air shopping and itinerary pages making it easy to see the carbon impact. Travelers can book hybrid vehicles at participating locations when they make their travel reservations. Reports show the carbon emission totals giving you visibility to your carbon footprint.

Travel alternatives: Teleconference.

Does your employee really need to travel to attend the meeting or could they participate via teleconference? Teleconferencing can result in better employee productivity and travel savings for agencies. By displaying travel alternative options, the traveler can make an educated decision to book travel or to stay and conduct a virtual meeting - saving energy, conserving your carbon footprint and saving money.

Getting rid of paper.

No need to hang on to those little pieces of paper. E-receipts capture electronic transaction data directly from airlines, rail, hotels and car rental companies which means line item details are automatically uploaded into the voucher. You can also take a photo of your receipt with your smartphone - simply upload the IRS-compliant image to Concur Government Edition. Online workflow keeps electronic signatures, audit trails, and document status online – all designed to reduce paper and have digital records.