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Government - Cloud Computing

Innovation in the cloud.

The challenge? To reinvent standard industry practices through automation and technology.

The result? As a Cloud provider, Concur has substantially changed the way people engage with software.

The Cloud (also known as software-as-a-service, or SaaS) refers to Internet-based computing, storage and connectivity technology that delivers software applications from a centrally-hosted computing facility to you through the Internet. This model eliminates costs associated with installing and maintaining applications within your information technology infrastructure. By delivering solutions on-demand through the platform, Concur was one of the first companies to embrace what is now popularly referred to as "Cloud computing".

Checking the cloud box.

What can Cloud computing do for your agency? The SaaS model provides a highly cost-effective method of sophisticating the process of doing business. It has been applied to many types of software applications, including customer relationship management, security, accounting and human resources management.

Cloud computing is particularly well-suited to the delivery of applications, such as Concur's integrated travel and voucher management solutions. Our services can be widely deployed within your agency and easily integrate with a variety of internal and external data sources from the Cloud.

Save money, time and effort with the cloud.

Agencies who integrate with the Concur Cloud require substantially less initial and ongoing investment in software, hardware and implementation services and less ongoing support and maintenance. These benefits are valuable to agencies that seek to shift fixed information technology costs to a variable, utility models, as well as agencies that cannot afford the costs and risks of large upfront software application investments.

We believe providers of cloud computing software solutions also benefit from this model. Because these providers typically deliver the same version of their software to all customers, they can focus resources on delivering new innovations, as opposed to maintenance of older versions.

Plus, our Cloud solution gives your agency more flexibility. Because we can deploy software solutions to large and small agencies with equal effectiveness through the Cloud, Concur is able to address a much larger market than vendors of on-premises software applications.

A commitment to innovation.

Innovation has the capacity to change so many aspects of our lives. The rate at which we innovate has a direct bearing on our capacity to lead in any market. We're focused on creating amazing products that solve complex problems that require little to no training. From an intuitive Web-based service to mobile applications, our solutions simplify the entire process.

Concur pulls all the pieces of travel and voucher management together into one system with a simple, single sign-on. Our monthly release cycle ensures that we're constantly innovating to bring ongoing value to you.

As a result of our innovations, Concur has rapidly grown, creating hundreds of jobs across the US. We've reached a scale in Cloud computing that allows us to deliver more innovation more cost effectively.