ConcurGov for Federal Civilian ETS2

A travel management solution that streamlines the travel process from pre-trip authorization to final expense submission.

Proactively manage travel to enforce policies and control spend

Under the ETS2 contract, Federal Civilian agencies can manage travel transactions before, and as they occur to gain visibility and increase transparency into travel spend. With ConcurGov you can:

  • Gain complete audit transparency and regulatory compliance
  • Integrate travel spend with other data to analyze transactions
  • Capture all travel transactions regardless of booking channel

Features of ConcurGov

Support all types of government travel

ConcurGov supports CONUS, OCONUS, TDY travel, local travel, long-term TDY travel, group travel, invitational travel, non-emergency after-hours travel, and non-federally sponsored travel.

Plan travel that keeps everyone compliant

Get simultaneous fund certification and audit reporting on travel authorizations at every stage of the funds management process.

Stop chasing paper receipts for vouchers

Electronic receipts from airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and taxis integrate directly with ConcurGov, pre-populating itemized charges into the voucher.

Manage your travel program efficiently

Integrate all expenses such as direct bill fees, centrally billed accounts, IBA, and SmartPay solutions directly to vouchers.

Leverage accurate data to make informed decisions

Gain greater insight into travel spending, track performance indicators (KPIs), and monitor trends for audit and transparency reporting.

Streamline government travel from the ConcurGov mobile app

Make travel planning, itinerary management, and expense reporting more simple for your on-the-go employees.

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