Concur Invoice for public sector

Automatically approve purchase requests, capture invoices, and make payments with our invoice management solution for government and higher education.

Integrate and automate invoicing and better manage spending

Consolidate and monitor public sector spending when you bring the entire invoice process — from submission to payment — into a single, connected, and secure invoice management solution. With Concur Invoice you can:

  • Eliminate paper invoice processing
  • Capture invoice data from email, e-invoices, and payment systems
  • Validate and route invoices to approvers automatically
  • Approve on-the-go with your mobile device
  • Sync to ERP or accounting systems

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Here’s what you can do with Concur Invoice

Automate your AP

SAP Concur offers a full solution for AP automation with Concur Invoice, Concur Expense, and Concur Travel, putting an end to siloed transactions and providing you with a complete view into spend.

Better manage cash outlays

Concur Invoice gives visibility into spend that helps you pay vendors when invoices are due, capture early payment discounts with government suppliers, and use available funds as effectively as possible.

Capture invoices your way

SAP Concur can accept e-invoices and use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to save your employees time in processing paper invoices and help manage the entire invoice process.

Match invoices to POs before payment processing

Automate the inefficient and error-prone process of matching invoices, POs, and GRNs manually. Three-Way Match spots mismatched figures, errors, and exceptions, and then flags these automatically before payments go out.

Track employee spend at events and meetings

For organizations that use both Concur Invoice and Invoice Capture, our attendee tracking function lets you see total spend for every individual who accrues invoices and expenses at an event or meeting.

Sync with one click

SAP Concur seamlessly integrates and syncs with most accounting software with one click, eliminating the need to export or import files or enter data manually.

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