Ask an Expert: Travel & Expense Policy

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Your questions on policy creation, compliance, or best practices — answered by our pros.

Your T&E policy is the foundation of effective spend management. How can you make sure you cover all the bases, without overwhelming your employees? How do you monitor compliance? How can you revise your policy to support sustainability efforts or other corporate goals?

During this on-demand virtual event, our SAP Concur experts, Darren Mark Foord and Terri Sigal, will discuss all things about policy. Topics include:

  • Policy best practices and recommendations.
  • Driving compliance.
  • Using reporting and audits to monitor effectiveness.
  • Updating your policy to better align with corporate goals.



Darren Foord          Terri Sigal
Darren Foord   Terri Sigal
  Content Manager       Content Manager  
SAP Concur   SAP Concur



Cate Everett
Cate Everett
 Content Director 
SAP Concur

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