Concur TripLink

Balancing Compliance and Choice while Increasing Visibility & Flexibility for a Better Travel Experience

Helping the Traveler and the Employer

Leakage is a challenge for managed travel programs. Even the best-run programs see a meaningful percentage of their hotel bookings happen outside the managed process. The results include inadequate attention to duty-of-care responsibilities and an inability to optimize supplier agreements. Companies also want to offer their travelers greater freedom and flexibility.

With TripLink, business travelers can book hotels and rental cars on the supplier's website, obtain their corporate-negotiated rates, and still bring all travel-transaction data back into our system. The traveler gets a complete itinerary and the company, travel manager, and TMC get total visibility, Everybody's happy!

When you’ve got a good thing going it tends to attract more good things. The ecosystem in and around the Concur T&E Cloud is expanding with innovative apps being built by customers and solution providers plus an ever growing network of travel suppliers. With 18 million users from over 15,000 forward-thinking companies and a slew of partners all focused on getting it right, the pace of innovation is staggering.

We've partnered with some of the world's leading travel suppliers to make TripLink a seamless platform for the traveler, the travel manager and the TMC. Travelers can link their Concur profile with their loyalty accounts (from participating suppliers); that link enables automated access to corporate discounts and easier access to program rewards and benefits. When they use TripLink two-way itinerary exchange (between the supplier and our travel and expense management service), travelers can generate itineraries that include bookings made directly through the supplier's website. Those completed reservations and any available e-receipts are automatically sent to Concur.

Employees have more choices, suppliers develop a deeper relationship with the traveler and employers have all the information they need.