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Better by Design

The Concur App Center is packed with solutions that are pre-built to work with the data you need to get into or out of Concur. This means that by choosing services from the App Center – you'll be up-and-running more quickly and have less effort involved with managing your on-going processes.

No Downloads. Just Connections.

When we began building our platform we aimed to have solutions that offered a light-touch deployment so the applications don't install components into your Concur interface, they just open a door between the two services so the data that needs to be shared can flow securely and automatically.

Make the Most Out of What You Already Have

You've already invested in Concur to manage your core T&E functions and by utilizing tools from our App Center, you can leverage that investment to support other related functions. For example:

  • Knowing where your travelers are and how long they stay can help your payroll team determine your tax liabilities in various regions
  • Screening who your employees are entertaining can help your compliance department ensure they're meeting requirements to adhere to FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) and UK Anti-Bribery and Corruption legislation
  • Enabling your Visa and Passport Services company to automatically filter employees who need visas based on their travel itineraries can prevent the costly and frustrating instances where travelers arrive to the airport without necessary documentation

Working with Concur App Center Partners

Each listing in our App Center has one of two buttons: "Connect" or "Inquire". The apps listed in the "Apps for Me" menu offer the "Connect" button and are for end-users to link their Concur account to those services. If they don't already have an account with the provider, they'll be directed on how to get one.

The apps listed under the "Apps for My Company" need to be procured and deployed by engaging directly with the provider. The "Inquire" button and other links on their listings will take you to the provider's website to learn more. Once you have contracted with the provider, we'll work with everyone to help get the application activated.