Maintain your constituents’ trust with transparent spending

It’s easier for state and local governments to be compliant and transparent when you can see where budgets are spent.

Achieve compliance with a connected solution to better manage your public sector spend

Connect siloed employee spend data, uncover data patterns, and increase policy adoption while controlling costs. See how SAP Concur can help:

  • Identify and reduce instances of Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FW&A)
  • Increase adoption of spend policies
  • Assure public trust and agency reputation

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How automating spend management helps organizations increase compliance and reduce risk

As spending becomes increasingly decentralized and employees are empowered to make more and more spending decisions on their own, the risk of fraud goes up. In the public sector, transparency and accountability are paramount as public disclosure of fraud, waste, and abuse can have severe reputational and financial consequences.

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Learn more about how to prevent fraud and noncompliance with SAP Concur solutions

Concur Expense

A government expense solution that maximizes efficiency, control, and transparency.

Concur Travel

A government travel management solution that streamlines the travel process from pre-trip authorization to final expense submission.

Concur Invoice

An automated government invoice solution to approve purchase requests, capture invoices, and make payments.

Concur Expense self-guided demo

Walk-through our Concur Expense self-guided demo to see how simple expense reporting and approvals can be. Then, find out how much you can save with Concur Expense and contact us for a quote.

Concur Invoice self-guided demo

Walk-through our Concur Invoice self-guided demo to see how simple vendor invoice management can be.

Boost compliance and reduce fraud by automating spend management

Automating travel, expense and invoice management can increase accountability, boost compliance, and reduce human errors and fraud to help ensure your organization meets the highest levels of fiscal responsibility.

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Encourage compliance and reduce fraud with built-in capabilities and AI

Reduce noncompliant spend with tools like Concur Request that let you see each request, from submission to approval, and Concur Detect using AI from AppZen to audit 100% of expenses in near real time.

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