Improve cash flow forecasts with automation

Discover smarter spending opportunities when you integrate your AP solutions

Get a more accurate view of your spending and accruals

For CFOs, the ability to make accurate cash flow forecasts is pivotal to business planning and growth. Because money moves quickly within an active business, you need cash available to take advantage of opportunities to expand, make better decisions or make the best investments. Simply put, without effective cash flow management, your organization may miss out on crucial opportunities for growth. SAP Concur can help you gain accurate, near-real-time visibility into all spend and financial data through intuitive cash flow forecasting software. Whether this is expenses, business travel, or invoices.

  • Clearing invoices and expenses faster for a more accurate view of available cash
  • Integrating near-real-time data into a complete picture of cash management across your business
  • Forecast cash flow and provide alerts and insights to keep spending aligned with business goals

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A faster invoice process means a more accurate view of profit and loss

How does speed impact your ability to assess the state of your business? When you automate your accounts payable processes, you can clear invoices and expenses faster. The more accurate and up-to-date your understanding of what you owe, and when you owe it, the better your ability to make financial forecasts and strategic decisions about spending and new investments.

Benefits of AP Automation

Predictive tools that help you proactively manage your spending business-wide

Get customized reports, easy-to-use dashboards, and alerts based on your spending parameters. SAP Concur offers business intelligence solutions that help you keep an eye on your spend and provide timely insights into how you can manage cash more effectively, so you can take advantage of opportunities to save, invest, and grow.

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Key Questions to ask of Invoice Solution Providers

If you’re considering an automated invoicing solution, it can be tough to wade through the options. To find a solution that will best serve your business needs in the long term, you need to clarify how the solution works with and adds value to your current AP processes. Ask these questions:

How accurate is your optical character recognition (OCR) technology?
Can I easily see the status of outstanding invoices?
Can this solution fit my current invoicing process?
Is there a mobile app to process payments on the go?
How will my AP data move into my ERP or financial system?

For more useful questions to consider, and to learn how SAP Concur can help, see our free guide.

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Every provider will offer different approaches, methodologies, and features – and some may suit your business better than others. To determine which fits best, it’s helpful to compare solutions’ core features.”

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To better manage your cash flow data, you must have control over your organization's spending. That’s why every business, even a small business, needs a spending policy that protects their resources and enables them to invest. Proactively manage spend and cash forecasts with these strategies:

Define your spending parameters
Build flexibility and resilience into your policy
Keep employees informed and accountable
Align your spending with business goals

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You can’t influence what you don’t measure, and if you’re looking to change the direction of the business, you need a solid understanding of where you can improve your spend management processes.”

Chris Arendale
SAP Concur