Case Studies

A seamless, intuitive, mobile expense solution was implemented in three months.
Human Rights Campaign streamlines with Concur.
ITW Partners with Concur to Drive Business Travel Innovations
Insite Software automates travel, expense and invoicing with Concur
Jamf turns to Concur Audit to enforce T&E policies with unbiased consistency
JPMorgan Chase goes global with Concur
Spend decreased 20%; reports done 50% faster.
Compliance is now at 90% and adoption at 82%.
Expense approval time has greatly decreased.
Louisiana-Pacific is increasing compliance and automating processes with Concur Travel and Expense
An automated process ensures VAT compliance.
Partnering with Concur has resulted in business growth and a more efficient travel and expense system.
A 90% reduction in PNR processing time.
Merz North America streamlines Open Payments compliance using MedPro Systems and Concur
Expense reimbursement time has been cut by 50%.
Expense costs reduced by $250,000 in six months.