Whidbey Island Bank

18,000 invoices are now paid five times faster.

A community bank with 30 branches in the Pacific Northwest, Whidbey Island Bank processes approximately 18,000 invoices annually—a result of everything from the purchase of properties to office supplies. The bank also recently doubled in size through new acquisitions but couldn’t afford to double the time spent processing invoices. They additionally wanted to pay vendors more quickly, gain visibility into spending, and transition from a paper-based system to an automated end-to-end process to streamline operations. With Concur, invoices are now submitted to a central location and scanned and saved in Intelligent Capture, eliminating paper storage and enabling instant views at every stage throughout the invoice cycle. Workflow has been significantly improved with accelerated approval times and payment.

Why Whidbey Island Bank Prefers Concur:

  • With Concur, Whidbey paid invoices five times faster.
  • Instant Web based access to all invoices resulted in immense time savings in the research of transaction histories.
  • Automating invoice capture, approvals, and payment completely eliminated duplicate invoices, charges, and payments.
  • With 100% visibility into spend, great cost savings were achieved by reducing and standardizing employee/category spend limits.

Whidbey Island Bank was recently acquired by Heritage Bank. Heritage bank continues to be a Concur customer.

"Concur has enabled us to integrate invoice reports into our vendor management system. We always know if our vendors have signed contracts, what expenses have been pre-approved, and who is responsible for ensuring that the vendor is paid."

-Darin Johnson, VP and Controller






Oak Harbor, WA


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