VMware Drives Growth, Scale and Improves Productivity with Greater Visibility into Travel and Spend

A global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, VMware accelerates digital transformation for evolving IT environments. VMware helps organizations transform into digital businesses, deliver better experiences for both customers and employees, and unlock new possibilities that transform the world. In a world where products, operations and people impact the planet, VMware uses technology as a “force for good” through its sustainability, philanthropic, and diversity and inclusion programs.

Prior to implementing SAP Concur solutions, VMware was using a competitor’s tool. The interface was challenging for end-users, and the entire process – from submission to payments – was cumbersome and error-prone. VMware finds SAP Concur solutions, on the other hand, intuitive and easy to use.

SAP Concur has had a huge impact on productivity, reducing the expense processing and payment workflow from up to 11 days to four or less. The company also had a 75 percent reduction in employee complaints, allowing its back office to redirect resources to more strategic initiatives. And like many global companies, VMware is constantly looking for additional efficiencies. They are using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to integrate with their SAP Concur solutions and reduce manual work even further.

Learn more in the VMware customer story video.

Our mission is to deliver solutions to our business partners that transform, scale, or grow the business [through] process re-engineering and automation. SAP Concur helps us achieve our goals by allowing us to scale our organization and improve productivity as our employee population keeps growing. We are delivering quick, easy, and fully auditable T&E functionality to our employees. 

– Reema Mukherjee, Senior Manager, Business Transformation and Automation at VMware




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