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Reimbursement time is now almost 50% faster.

Temple University is the 25th largest research university in the United States. Faculty and staff on five major campuses across 17 schools and colleges submit 18,000 expense reports annually, all of which were processed manually and stored on site. With one full-time staff person devoted exclusively to the tasks associated with expense report processing, the sheer volume of the paper storage was overwhelming, and the university had no insight into travel spending. An initial plan to add a travel and expense module to the university’s new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system proved unsuccessful. As they began to roll out the expense reporting module of the ERP system, it became apparent that it would not scale up to an institution the size of Temple. Rather than continue, Temple opted to to implement Concur® Travel & Expense.

Why Temple University Prefers Concur:

  • Reimbursement time has been accelerated by nearly 50%.
  • Travel agency booking fees have been reduced by nearly 60%.
  • Visibility into travel spending provides ability to negotiate volume vendor discounts.
  • Mobile solution allows travel booking and expense reporting from anywhere.

Concur clearly offers a superior T&E solution … In higher education, we have to be responsible stewards of the institution’s resources, and we’ve implemented Concur to help us save dollars and manage resources effectively.

-Patricia Russo, Temple University






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