St. Jude Medical, Inc.

Administrative support hours down almost 20%.

Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, St. Jude Medical, Inc. comprises a network of more than 20 principal operations and facilities in 100 countries around the world. The organization manufactures and markets state-ofthe-art devices for cardiac rhythm management, atrial fibrillation, and neuromodulators. Prior to the implementation of Concur® Travel and Concur® Expense solutions in 2009, every country and division managed travel locally. Expenses were recorded and tracked on spreadsheets resulting in stacks of paper reports and receipts. The company had no insight into global travel spend, lacked aggregated data to leverage volume spending with vendors and had little consistency in policy, rules, or governance across the enterprise.

With Concur:
• Policy compliance has improved dramatically on a global scale.
• Automated receipt capture at the time and place the expense occurs has improved compliance, accelerated report submission, and streamlined the process for travelers and managers.
• Automating P-Card reconciliation has helped reduce back-end hours devoted to administration by nearly 20 percent.
• With Concur, St. Jude Medical has improved reimbursement time by 80 percent.
• The Concur mobile app has an extremely high adoption rate, including invoice approvals.
• Employees keep expense reports current, submitting reports as soon as trips are completed—which reduces expense report submission time from 6-8 weeks to submission within 24 hours of the trip.

“We captured 95 to 98% of our healthcare professional spend using Concur.”

-Douglas A. Baden, Director Corp. Finance Compliance- St. Jude Medical, Inc.


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