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The right financial tools to help their critical mission.

A large system of non-profit hospitals, medical centers and laboratories in Oregon, Washington as well as Alaska; PeaceHealth has approximately 2,000 travelers delivering the gold standard in patient care and healthcare services, generating 24,000 expense reports annually. Using ConcurĀ® Expense is a necessity that standardizes data, improves efficiency, reduces the burden on employees and, ultimately, costs to patients. For eight years, Concur has helped PeaceHealth streamline expense reporting. Why PeaceHealth prefers Concur: - Standardization of data. - Visibility into spend. - Integration of company policies. - Ease-of-use for employees.

"...Anything we can do to improve patient care is important to us and that means making administrative tasks less of a burden of physicians."

-Amber Wright, Accounts Payable Manager, PeaceHealth

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