Mesirow Financial

Expense reimbursement time has been cut by 50%.

As the one of the largest and oldest independent financial firms in Chicago with offices across the U.S., London and Hong Kong, Mesirow Financial is invested in growth and success. The company’s core values—accuracy, integrity and performance—drove the move from a manual travel and expense system to adoption of Concur with impressive results. Mesirow has now reduced the time to reimburse travelers by 50 percent, improved compliance by nearly 40 percent, and achieved nearly 100 percent visibility into T&E spending.

Why Mesirow Prefers Concur:

  • Mesirow Financial reimburses travelers twice as fast with Concur.
  • Compliance with company T&E policies has improved by nearly 40 percent.  
  • Digital transmission of reports and receipts has eliminated onsite paper storage.
  • Automation has dramatically reduced time spent processing reports for travelers.
  • Concur supports expansion efforts with effective global strategies.

“Concur continues to surprise and impress us. Our company is expanding rapidly in domestic and global markets, and there’s no doubt that Concur will support us with a great solution as we grow.”

-Rowena Froegel, Accounts Payable Manager






Chicago, IL