Federal Finance Service

How a Federal Finance Service is Accelerating Efficiency in Financial Management

More than $89 billion in cash flows through the U.S. federal government’s collections and deposit systems every day, making the job of this agency one of immense complexity and importance. Providing a variety of administrative services to its agencies, this agency is dedicated to promoting the financial integrity and operational efficiency of the U.S. government. With SAP Concur’s depth of experience in travel and spend management, highly scalable and configurable cloud-based SaaS solution, and its ability to securely manage, protect, and defend government data, the agency was confident that SAP Concur was the right partner for them.

This agency needed a single, integrated tool providing end-to-end travel booking, spend management, and reporting functionality that would be scalable and flexible enough to meet the needs of the multiple agencies they serve. Plus, provide a more effiecient solution that could enhance the user experience. This case study reviews how SAP Concur helped check those boxes with confidence.

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With SAP Concur, users are booking more and more through the system - with hotel leakage down 5%. Online bookings enable the agency to process vouchers faster and experience quicker approvals.








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