Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero Automates Travel and Expense Processes that Lead to Better Negotiations with Global Suppliers

Delivery Hero’s mission is to make the lives of its customers easier by providing fast deliveries right to their doors. A leading global online food ordering and delivery service, Delivery Hero partners with more than a half-million restaurants, and a fleet of riders, to process millions of orders daily. And when it comes to growing their business, which can impact the environment, they are committed to sustainability.

Delivery Hero is active in over 40 countries – and each was using different travel and expense management tools. As a result, it struggled with inaccurate reporting and policy implementation, and employees complained about manual processes for submitting expenses. There were long delays in processing – approvals were done manually – and the lack of visibility into spend made forecasting difficult. Today, with SAP Concur solutions, employee experience has massively improved, and Delivery Hero can more easily identify less expensive global suppliers. External auditors are also happier because they can conduct reviews digitally instead of requesting bulk receipts from the archives.

Learn more in the Delivery Hero customer story video.

Together with SAP Concur and our Preferred Care manager, we look into new ways of providing the best services. We love how SAP Concur and the overall SAP community drives together with us those innovations.

–  Felix Freese, SAP Consultant at Delivery Hero 


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