Del Mar College

Del Mar College increases efficiency, accountability and visibility into spend with Concur

Although Del Mar gave its students the latest technology and tools, until 2014, its own internal travel and expense processes were definitely “old school.” Everything was paper-based. If staff members needed to attend a conference or take students on a trip, they’d document what they wanted to do, attach conference brochures, itinerary, airfare and hotel information, then send all of this in for approval. After the trip, the traveler filled out a form, attached paper receipts, and routed this through approvals to the business office for reimbursement. It was a long process, prone to missing or incorrectly entered information. The college leaders knew they had to make a change, and they turned to Concur to help.

“Concur simplifies things for our processing staff and for our travelers, too. It’s great for everyone.”

-Jessica Alaniz, Travel Administrator, Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations, Del Mar College






Corpus Christi, Texas


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