Cinemark, USA

Expense reports can now be done via smartphone.

Cinemark Holdings, Inc. is the third largest motion picture exhibitor in the world with 430 theatres and 4,945 screens throughout the United States and Latin America—and growing rapidly. Over the last three years, Cinemark has expanded into new locations in the United States and now operates in 13 Latin American countries. The company averages five to 10 new theater openings a year with each, requiring a large number of traveling support staff including marketers, construction specialists, vendors, and executives. In addition, other travel is needed to maintain operations and explore potential new locations. By 2008, it was clear that Cinemark’s paper-based system of tracking travel and expense was too time-consuming and didn’t cater to a growing company with employees constantly on the go. The company liked what Concur was offering: a system that would free it from the mountain of paper they accumulated each year and that would be easy to use for traveling employees.

Why Cinemark Prefers Concur:

  • Expense processes are streamlined; improved expense tracking with detailed, accurate data.
  • Transparency has increased along with ability to quantify travel costs for trips or individuals.
  • Manual coding for expense reports and credit card invoices have saved significant time and cost.
  • Concur® for Mobile means staff can complete and submit expense reports from anywhere.

“The first thing that jumped out about Concur was the ability to do expense reports online and no longer having to keep paper receipts … The second was that travel was connected to it and that everything would automatically pop into your expense report for you.”

-Jennifer Chreitzberg, Executive Assistant and Travel Manager






Plano, TX