Catholic Healthcare Partners

Improved reporting helps determine actual spend.

Catholic Health Partners (CHP) is one of the largest nonprofit health systems in the United States, comprising 24 hospitals and 15 senior health and housing facilities throughout Ohio as well as two in Kentucky. Three years ago, each facility used its own version of a simple spreadsheet for employee expenses and reimbursement—a slow, error-prone and costly method that did not allow CHP to standardize the expense process across the system. CHP also needed better expense containment and control, but lacked the reporting and tracking capability to know how much or where employees were spending. The team chose Concur because it solved the expense control and tracking issue immediately while offering additional solutions, like travel, they could add later.

Why Catholic Healthcare Partners Prefers Concur:

  • With Concur® Expense Pay, CHP can now more quickly process and reimburse employees at a fraction of the cost and with a higher degree of accountability.
  • Concur® Business Intelligence provides a representative who can create and run specialized reports such as employees eligible for auto allowances by automatic totaling of reported miles reported per year.
  • Concur solutions provided better overall reporting and tracking capability to determine how much and where employees were spending.

“Concur’s capabilities and adaptability make it an ideal expense management solution for almost any organization … It’s very adaptable to your policy, and you can make it do what you want it to do … You don’t have to be on a certain platform … It’s a great solution.”

-Scott Schitter, Corporate Director for Tax and Compliance


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