Travel booking fees have decreased by 30%.

A market leader in developing orthopedic and medical solutions for complicated bone fractures, Acumed is leading the way when it comes to managing compliance with industry regulations. For instance, The Federal Physicians Payment “Sunshine Act” requires that medical device, pharmaceutical and biologic companies track and report in-detail on all meals and travel costs spent on healthcare providers in the course of educating the providers. Additionally, various states have different reporting requirements, often making it difficult to keep all of the different requirements straight. The advanced spend tracking functionality of Concur integrated with R-Squared’s Aggregate Spend Compliance Software enables Acumed to easily and efficiently comply with complex medical regulations.

Why Acumed Prefers Concur:

  • Attendee data is easily and accurately tracked in compliance with Sunshine Act and other physician-spend legislation.
  • Automated nightly extracts of accounting data integrates with the company’s SAP ERP to support best practices in accounting and financial management.
  • Managers and employees love the single-system, one login approach to travel booking, expense report submission and attendee data input.
  • Travel-booking fees were reduced by more than 30%.
  • Paper expense reports and receipt handling/storage were eliminated.

"Visibility, savings, compliance. Thanks to Concur, we’ve got it all."

-Erin Tasker, Senior Accounting Specialist - Aggregate Spend


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