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Concur Small Business Edition from your Concur Advisor

Your life just got easier.
Thanks to your Concur Advisor.

Nobody likes expenses. So we made it easier to deal with. That way there's more time to focus on taking care of business.

Pricing is $8/month, per person less 10% off
because you are a client of a Concur Advisor

Yeah, what they said.

Titos Vodka video testimonial Concur client toasts the savings from expense automation

popchips™ video testimonial Concur helps popchips™ make light of expenses

If you have a small business, you've got expenses. Concur® small business edition is designed to take the pain out of tracking expenses. It's small business expense tracking software for people who hate tracking small business expenses…so, basically everybody. It has great features that save you time and keep you organized.

For instance:

More accurate reports and faster payment for employees means you end up spending less money and have more time on your hands.

Automate expenses with the capability to have credit card expenses automatically appear in expense reports properly notated and assigned for easy approval and update to your accounting system.

Go paperless and save trees…really. A snap of your smartphone camera and you can forget about carrying around all those annoying receipts.

Get anywhere, anytime access to your data. Since it's all in the cloud, you can get to your reports using almost any computer or smartphone.