Concur Audit

Dedicated resources to verify your employees’ expenses and ensure compliance and control.

Eliminate costly errors.

On average, 23% percent of expense reports contain non-compliant or fraudulent expenses. Over time, these errors add up to a lot of money. If you’re like most businesses, you likely don’t have the resources to check every line item on every expense report every time.

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Increase your bottom line with Concur Audit.

Catch mistakes before they happen.

Identify and correct out-of-policy spend before employees are reimbursed.

Proactive monitoring.

Flag non-compliant spending, mistakes and deliberate misuse.

Ensure compliance.

Stay ahead of compliance with tax and other legal requirements.

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Concur Audit Promotion Terms and Conditions

Discount applies to initial sale of Concur Audit products only (except for Concur Audit – Elite) for clients with Concur Expense or Concur Travel & Expense; cannot be used in add-on situation or later date. Does not apply to clients currently with Concur Policy Audit or Receipt Audit. This promotion cannot be combined with other Concur Expense promotions and requires execution of a Concur ordering document.